Experimenting with the Reformer

Hi everyone!

I have been loving spending quality time with the Reformer lately! I just love the way it is challenging, fun and a great work out. 

If the Reformer is a new machine for you, I suggest you go take a group class or book a private session to try it out - I truly believe that there is no better work out equipment on the market. 

The machine is based on spring tension, therefore allowing you to choose the weight for each individual exercise, working on strength, agility, bone density and flexibility all at the same time. The general being, the lighter the spring tension the more core work you get; the heavier the tension, the more large muscle work you get (i.e quad work, as opposed to hip flexor or low belly work)

One of my favourite exercises for challenging my core muscles is a plank-to-pike on the reformer, with no springs! This means that my body is forced to balance, stabilize and move the machine with as much control as it can, otherwise the machine would throw me around!

This is an intermediate to advanced exercise, so be careful! I might suggest having someone around to spot you (as I did) in case you lose your balance.


Here is the excercise!

- Detach all the spring. Place hands on the rails underneath the shoulders.

-Start on hands and knees; once the hands are in place curl the toes under an straighten legs.

-Assume a strong plank pose (tall in the shoulders, straight, long spine)

-On an exhale pull the low belly in and up as you pull the carriage in towards your hands, piking the hips up towards the ceiling.

-Push back out to plank, and pike back up.

-Do as many reps as your core can handle! :)