My First Blog Post!

It's been a dream of mine for a long time to be able to share my ideas about healthy eating and movement with the masses. As a website came to be, I realized that it would be the perfect medium for sharing my ideas for healthy meals as well as a chance to highlight a body part of the month, or to share a pilates videos!

So here it is! my first blog adventure!

Stayed tuned for updates! 

I first came across Spiralized vegetables, at a restaurant in Toronto called Fresh, where their claim to fame is making vegan, healthy food beautiful and appealing to both vegans and meat eaters alike! 

I tried this beautiful salad that had both carrots and yellow beets that had been magically turned into noodles!  Well, the minute I saw these gorgeous ribbons, I knew i had to find the implement that made this all possible!

So I went on, and found that there were a few different brands to choose from. Being a kitchen gadget connoisseur, I found some reviews online, and came to the decision that that World Cuisine Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable was the best brand!

It's super easy to use, easy to clean and comes with interchangeable blands and makes cooking so much fun! I've only tried zucchini so far, but I intend to try carrots and beets this week!  

Just add homemade pesto, and ta-da! Zuccini noodles were born!